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Mitsubishi Electric M-Series Heat Pump Systems are designed for a range of living areas. Ideal for today’s open plan living style.

  • Slim, wall-mounted indoor units provide zone comfort control.
  • We also offer ceiling recessed, floor mounted and horizontal ducted indoor units. Call or visit our store and we can advise you on your best option.
  • INVERTER-driven compressors and electronic LEV’s provide higher efficiency with controlled power usage.
  • The outdoor unit powers the indoor unit, and should a power outage occur, the system is automatically restored when power returns.

Ideal for all applications from bigger bedrooms, home offices, living rooms, dining rooms, bonus rooms, basements, kitchens, offices, kiosks, guard houses, and more.

  • Complete individual Zone/Room control for exceptional comfort
  • High capacity with good performance allows maximum comfort with controlled capacity and power consumption in larger rooms
  • INVERTER driven compressor and LEV provide high efficiency comfort while using only the energy needed to maintain maximum performance
  • Choice of fan speeds: Low, Medium 1, Medium 2, and High, ; Auto fan speed feature also included
  • Wide Vane / Swing Mode increases horizontal vane travel for up to 150 degree air flow pattern
  • Advanced microprocessor technology and control
  • Equipped with standard Wireless, IR, Handheld
  • Hot-start technology – no cold air rush at start-up or re-start after defrost
  • Indoor unit powered from outdoor unit using A-Control
  • Automatic restart following a power outage