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The Ductless Depot is  a home owner direct store. We supply and install . Home and business owners should visit our store if they are considering a ductless heating and cooling system.

In the store you’ll find fully operational systems so you can test them and learn about the features and how to use them. Fully qualified diamond contractors will be on hand to explain the benefits of each model and help you decide how best to use one.

We can schedule a free estimate, visiting your location to measure and investigate the layout to determine which model is required, how best to install it, and decide on the best components for your application.

Ductless heating and cooling systems are ideal for any part of the home or business which needs either additional heat in the winter or gets uncomfortably hot in the summer. We can supply systems for small spaces or large open plan areas. Do you just occasionally need some cooling, but cannot justify a whole house air conditioning system? Well most likely one of these ductless systems will be just what you need. And you will be surprised how energy efficient, quiet and unobtrusive they can be.

But why buy one from Ductless Depot? Because of our direct to consumer business model, we can take advantage of the manufacturer’s 12 year warranty AND  expand it to cover labor too. Not only that, but because of our business model, these installations qualify for high energy efficiency rebates and interest free loans. When you put these advantages together, you’ll find the Ductless Depot simply provides the best value for money compared to any other store or installer can do.

Lets take you through the steps:

  1. Give us a call at (508)737-5751 or complete the contact form here.
  2. Visit the store and take a good look at the available products
  3. Discuss your options for an interest free loan
  4. Learn about available high efficiency rebates
  5. Schedule a visit to your location by one of our fully qualified, licensed and insured technicians to determine exacly what you need.
  6. Get a detailed written estimate.
  7. Place your deposit and order your system. Your delivery and installation will be scheduled.
  8. Our in house (no 3rd party) installers install and commission the system.
  9. Relax in the newfound comfort of your home or business, knowing that you got the best deal available.